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Marge Windle It was surprising to see my “candle lady” presenting something entirely different from her usual wares. And even more surprising – my reaction when halfway through her presentation she spoke the magic words -“Who can see themselves standing here doing what I'm doing?” I couldn't see any other way to have it all, right now! Now it's two years later and I'm still at it and can't imagine doing anything else. My husband and my 11-year-old son support me completely so it has become a real family affair.

Marge Windle
Victoria BC

Corie Meyer In June of 2000, I first experienced the luxury & fine quality of the Second Nature's products. After hearing about the ground floor business opportunity with the company, I couldn't wait to share it and the products with others. Since joining, I've started taking better care of myself & really enjoy showing others how to do the same. My family & friends really love the products too, and marvel how the Company spoils us. I invite you to work with me & join our wonderful company.

Corie Meyer
Victoria, B.C.
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